Children’s Book Illustrator, Editor, Book Formatting

Are you looking to hire a children’s book illustrator to turn your project from dream to reality? We are an expert team specializing in children’s book illustration, editing, and formatting. We bring Authors ideas from dream to reality.

Children’s Book Illustrators. Book Editing & Formatting

What are Illustrations? A children’s book illustration is a visual representation of the text in a book that is intended for a young audience. It may include characters, scenes, and other images that help to bring the story to life.

What is Editing? An editor will look at your manuscrit to ensure the syntax, grammar and correct. He will ensure your text is coherent and language is suitable for the readers. This is an important part as it helps your book pass from an amateur to a professional project.

What is Formatting? Formatting is the last step you need to take to publish your book! It is the process of preparing the book (the files) to be send for printing; this involves resizing, incorporating your text into the images etc.

illustration children's book
Spot Illustration
A spot illustration is a basic illustration that stands on its own, with only one or two characters, and up to three objects.
illustration full page
Full Page Illustration
A full-page illustration is an illustration that has objects and a background that takes up a full page of your book.
Book cover
Front and Back Cover Design
This includes a design for the front, back, and spine of the book.

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