Book Editing

What is Book Editing?

Patrina – Editor QBN Studios

The process of editing helps you take a project from amateur to professional. By asking help to our team, you will benefit from a second set of eyes to review your manuscrit. Very often an editor will look at your book and manuscript with a different perspective, giving it more depth.

Editing can take some time, this is why it is so important to surround yourself with a team and an editor you feel comfortable with and whom you trust!

QBN Studios doesn’t only provide you with children’s book illustrations but also allows you to benefit from an expert editor’s review and to work (last step of your book!) on the formatting.

Patrina has more than 14 years experience with book editing. She is a trained copy-editor with membership in the Society for Editors and Proofreaders in London, England. She often provides clients with far more than they pay for as she prides herself in going the extra mile.

Why should you trust Patrina with editing your book? She is a perfectionist when it comes to writing and editing and she enjoys making clients happy. Ask us today to quote you on Editing your manuscript!

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